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Paul and Denise Oxley
Paul and Denise Oxley

Paul and his wife Denise had been living in the same house for 26 years in Dingley Village (near Moorabbin airport) and raising their four children, who have now all left home. “We were a little hesitant to tell the children that we were thinking of selling and moving into an apartment in the city or on the edge of town,” says Denise, who recalls their immediate responses. “You always talked about doing that!”

Paul works as a theatre technician at Cabrini hospital in Brighton, while Denise works with the Frenchams Group in the CBD, supplying and maintaining indoor plants for office buildings, many of which are dotted along St Kilda Road. “I’m very familiar with a number of these buildings, many of which are now replaced by residential apartments,” says Denise, who clearly recalls visiting this development, previously an office building, organising indoor plants on staff desks and in lobbies.

The couple signed the contract for their one-bedroom 75-square-metre apartment almost two years ago. Paul had always been attracted to living in an apartment either in the city, or close to it, after watching sitcoms such as Seinfeld, with the background being New York. They would also regularly stay in hotels in the city as the children were growing up to see if city life suited them. “That started the ‘ball rolling’,” says Denise, who could see the convenience of walking to work. Paul sold his car and purchased a Vespa. “It only takes 13 minutes to get to Brighton.”

When the couple walked into the display apartment, overlooking Fawkner Park, they were instantly ‘hooked’. Having either a ‘green view’ or a ‘sea view’ was paramount in their decision-making process, given their family home left behind backed onto a golf course. Unlike the brand new apartment they now live in, the family home was never really finished after a series of partial renovations. “Here we literally don’t have to do anything,” says Denise. “Owning a house takes considerable maintenance. It can be tiring,” adds Paul.

Since moving in only 10 days ago, the Oxley’s have already explored the area. “I went to the football last night and it only took me 15 minutes to walk home,’ says Paul, who admits the release he felt in ditching the car. “You won’t believe it, but in all those years of living in Dingley, I had only used the tram twice.” While Denise still uses a company car for work, she enjoys walking and using the tram whenever possible. Rather than being stuck in traffic, she gets home at a reasonable time and enjoys relaxing. “I love sitting on the bed and seeing people play with their dogs in the park, or students playing soccer. It’s a great perspective from where I’m sitting,” says Denise, who enjoys watching the world quietly unfold.

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